Who is Squeaky Clean?

At Squeaky Clean, we make cleaning services easily accessible to homes & offices all over Dubai with our well-trained, skilled Maids.

Our services are priced at a fair & competitive hourly rate to ensure complete transparency and our convenient online platform lets you book a Squeaky Maid in just a few clicks.

We specialise in detailed cleaning, not just around the edges and can accommodate all your cleaning chores plus a little extra, should you need it.

All maids have thorough background checks, prior cleaning experience and our in-house training, so you can rest assured that your home will be left in safe hands.

How is Squeaky Clean different than other cleaning companies?


Our Strategy to be-spoke home care includes prudence, competence & flexibility so our customers get just what they require in a cleaning service.


All Squeaky Maids must first pass our rigorous personal screening and interview process before undergoing our in-house training program to ensure your home is in safe hands.


Our representatives run daily random checks on our maids in different locations to ensure that they deliver the premium service you expect. In addition, our call centre is available to register your concerns and suggestions.


Our Hourly Rates are transparently presented on our website. No more waiting for quotes. No hidden costs.


It's one our top priorities that our maids are always well rested and decently paid. This not only means genuinely happy cleaners at your home but also a quality of service that mirrors it.

How can I register?

You can register at the time of your first booking. After a successful booking you will receive a confirmation email with a link to the login for your Squeaky Clean account. Once you have access to your online account, you will be able to manage your cleaning schedule, view booking history with invoices and pay securely online.


You can choose to use environmentaly friendly products. This is a core princlple in our business ethics
Environmentally Friendly

Bye bye strong smelling chemicals, hello environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Healthier Home & Family

Green products can reduce health issues such as eye, respiratory and skin irritations, allergies, headaches, chemical poisoning and even reproductive hazards.

Healthier Environment = Healthier People

Reduced toxic waste in the water and air promotes a better environment for vegetation and animal growth – the fishies will thank you